Dennis Waite
Dennis Waite

Educated to degree-level in Chemistry, he has worked for most of his life in computing. Since 2000, he has devoted his life to writing. He completed a philosophical/ecological thriller in 1999 (extensively revised in 2007-8) and a book on Earned Value metrics in March 2001. His first book on Advaita, 'The Book of One', was published in 2003. This was extensively revised and republished in 2010.

An introductory book on Sanskrit 'The Spiritual Seeker's Essential Guide to Sanskrit' was published in India in 2005. His book 'How to Meet Yourself', published in 2007, was aimed at the non-specialist reader and addresses the fundamental topics of meaning and purpose in one's life and the nature of happiness.

His major book on Advaita, also published in 2007, was entitled 'Back to the Truth'. This is a systematic treatment of Advaita which, by using examples from many sources, helps the reader to differentiate between approaches and teachers. It compares the scriptures of traditional Advaita with the words of contemporary Sages and with the modern ‘nothing to be done’ teaching of neo-Advaita.

'Enlightenment: the Path through the Jungle' was published in 2008. This aimed clearly to define the term enlightenment and dispel the many myths about it propagated by new-age books on the subject. It endeavored to set down the proven methods, passed down for over a thousand years in the traditional teaching of the subject and contrast these with Western approaches, demonstrating in the process that only the traditional methods are likely to bring about enlightenment. ‘Advaita Made Easy’, published in 2012, aims to summarize the essentials of the subject in a short, easily assimilable form. ‘Sanskrit for Seekers’ (2014) gives the reader just enough understanding of the language to be able to use a Sanskrit dictionary. ‘A-U-M: Awakening to Reality’, published Autumn 2015, is a presentation for the modern reader of the Mandukya Upanishad and Gaudapada kArikA-s. ‘Time for the Wind’ is a novel, an ecological thriller which also gives an insight into Advaita philosophy as part of the plot. It was published in December 2015.

Dennis maintains the most popular website on Advaita at There is an integrated blogging facility at You may also browse a portfolio of his photographs (a lifetime hobby) at

Books by Dennis Waite
Advaita Made Easy by

Advaita Made Easy

Jul 2012

Advaita provides answers to all of the difficult questions!

A-U-M: Awakening to Reality by

A-U-M: Awakening to Reality

Sep 2015

Know the truth: There is neither death nor birth; no creation; no multiplicity; nothing apart from Consciousness.

Book of One, The by

Book of One, The

Apr 2010

The Book of One is a comprehensive, articulate guide along the spiritual path of Advaita, the one (not two) philosophy that explains life, the universe and all existence.

Back to the Truth by

Back to the Truth

Feb 2007

Demysifies this ancient, non-dualist philosophy from India

Sanskrit for Seekers by

Sanskrit for Seekers

May 2014

For travelers in the foreign land of spiritual literature.

Time for the Wind by

Time for the Wind

Dec 2015

Mankind meets its karmic retribution – but is it ‘real’?

Western Philosophy Made Easy by

Western Philosophy Made Easy

Jul 2018

What can Western Philosophy tell us about purpose and meaning in our lives?


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