Awakening to the Living Presence of Your Soul

J.M. Harrison

I Know How To Live, I Know How To Die

The Teachings of Dadi Janki: A warm, radical, and life-affirming view of who we are, where we come from, and what time is calling us to do

Neville Hodgkinson

Living Yoga Wisdom

Philosophical Exercises for Personal Practice

Eckard Wolz-Gottwald
Ilka Schroeder

At Ganapati's Feet

Daily Life with the Elephant-Headed Deity

David Dillard-Wright

Sanskrit for Seekers

Dennis Waite

Without You There

The Zen of Unity

Paramananda Ishaya

Less Dust the More Trust, The

Participating in The Shamatha Project, meditation and science

Adeline van Waning, MD PhD

Way of Nothing, The

Nothing in the Way

Paramananda Ishaya

How to easily deepen your Spiritual Practice - Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness etc. Apr 24 2016

by Alexander King Now I know that for many all information in this article will be second nature already, but in my massage and healing practice I am still at times amazed how many of my clients, d...

Could the 'SO WHAT ' solution work for YOU? Apr 11 2016

by Mike George It's one of the most popular public emotions in the world today.  Almost every news story has a component of anger.  The media seems to thrive on reporting the irritations, frustra...

Bernardo Kastrup in 2016? Mar 30 2016

by Bernardo Kastrup As I sit outside today under glorious spring weather, enjoying a glass of my favorite Weiße with the warm sun shinning on my face, it feels as though 2016 has only just begun...

Reflections on Non-Duality Feb 26 2016

by Graham Stew Are you interested in exploring who you really are? The answers are to be found in self-inquiry, the discovery of Reality that non-dual teachings offer. No prior knowledge of Eastern...

Saluting the Sun #1: Standing Prayer and Mountain Feb 24 2016

by Aidan Walker   “People do not pay attention to the correct method of standing,” says BKS Iyengar in his comments on this basic, initial pose, from which everything else emanates. Ma...

Living in Feeling by Russel Williams, edited by Steve Taylor Feb 19 2016

Russel Williams is one of the most remarkable enlightened spiritual teachers of our time. After an early life of extreme hardship – leaving school at the age of 11, and becoming an orphan shortly af...

Monthly Astrology from Mary English - Aquarius Feb 16 2016

  One of this month’s signs: Aquarius Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac.  The major keywords that describe Aquarius are: Friendship, Individuality, Freedom The dates...