• Pilgrimage in Japan, A
    Joan D. Stamm
    This book is perfect summer reading.

    A Pilgrimage in Japan takes you on a delightful journey to the 33 temples of Kannon, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, through the words of Joan Stamm.

    This is an ancient pilgrimage route in Western Japan, which has been travelled for over a thousand years. It is a Buddhist pilgrimage, but honestly you don't have to be a Buddhist in order to enjoy the delightful and evocative descriptions of travelling to places of historic interest and natural beauty in a far-off country.

    Nevertheless, publisher Mantra Books concentrates on the spiritual aspects of A Pilgrimage in Japan on its website, where it says:
    Kannon, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, is the one who “hears the cries of the world” and vows to “assist anyone in distress.” As the author embarks on the pilgrimage route that extends from the Japan Sea to the Pacific Ocean, through the ancient city of Kyoto and the modern city of Osaka, and to the many mountain tops in between, she allows the special characteristics and sacred presence of each place to bring forth relevant Buddhist teaching; letting go of attachment, contemplating impermanence, engaging in right livelihood, being of service, and other teachings found in classic Buddhism. The dharma, or doctrines of Universal Truth, intertwines with rich descriptions of mountain hikes, remote temples, modern Shugendo practices, sacred icons and the author’s spiritual insights.

    Journeys change us. Those embarked on especially to contemplate or confront specific concepts can change us even more. However, Joan Stamm's contemplations aren't preachy - she isn't trying to convert anyone to Buddhism.

    She describes the thoughts she has as she takes difficult routes to remote sacred sites, and well-travelled paths to quiet sanctuaries within busy cities. She contemplates the messages associated with each one when she arrives. She makes it clear that these are her own thoughts and feelings.

    Through her beautiful descriptions she has inspired me to look for my own pilgrimage route; to seek answers to my own spiritual questions by travelling in body, mind and spirit to those ancient and sacred sites that call to me, on my pagan path.
    ~ A Bad Witch's Blog

  • Pilgrimage in Japan, A
    Joan D. Stamm
    Covering three trips in four years, Joan D. Stamm details her pilgrimage to thirty-three temples in Japan, in honor of Kannon, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Rather than a powerful deity that exists “out there,” Kannon represents one’s true or most fundamental self. Pilgrimage is therefore a journey back to one’s true self.

    Because compassion touches every aspect of one’s self and life, as well as the whole world, nothing is excluded from this book. From aching feet, anxieties of dying, and “temple burnout,” to social and environmental issues, to prayers, rituals, ceremonies, and festivals, to intimacies with Buddhist teachings; nature, mythology, themes of right action, diet, impermanence . . . all this and more are included.

    The journey is personal, practical, and with every step along the way, authentic: "We had, at every moment, the opportunity to live our lives with Big Buddha Mind... or not."

    As rich as the book is, the author admits she had discovered only one layer of possible significance and meaning at each temple: “Time never allowed us to absorb all that each temple contained, or the depth of meaning in each statue, pond, tree, pagoda, rock… .”

    The back of the book includes directions to temples, along with references and a bibliography. If you are considering pilgrimage, this book could be a powerful guide toward aligning intent, practical preparation, and the reminder to surrender to the unknown at all turns. ~ Jerry Katz,

  • Divine Meditations: 26 Spiritual Qualities of the Bhagavad Gita
    Jenny Light
    Want to make your whole life a meditation? Read this book. There is considerable beauty here, and a great gift in these sacred chapters. Spirituality springs eternal in these leaves. Jenny Light’s luminescence beams through every room in the mansion of high spirituality—from the high theory of it through coaching your personal breathing. Everything you need to know shines here, within this book—and within yourself, as you will pleasantly discover. Jam-packed with spot-on, solid spiritual wisdom, shared openly and eagerly by an enlightened Jenny Light, spirituality springs eternal from these pages. This is a fine book—so good it should anchor the spiritual wing of your personal library. It’s a book to savour, to read again and again until you get it. And when you do, you will, like Jenny Light, find yourself enlightened. Seriously and joyously. ~ Jack Hawley, author of The Bhagavad Gita: a Walkthrough for Westerners

  • A-U-M: Awakening to Reality
    Dennis Waite
    Dennis Waite is one of the foremost writers on Advaita and here he gives an in-depth explanation and exposition of the twelve key mantras of the Mandukya Upanishad describing the fundamental states of consciousness – waking, dreaming, sleeping and the fourth state. This leads him into a detailed consideration of the nature of these states, including questions of causality, creation and selfknowledge. Like the woman who is looking for her necklace but finds that she is wearing it, ‘all our efforts to attain liberation are superfluous. What can be gained is simply the knowledge that we are already free.’ There is no creation, no seeker, no liberation, only Brahman. We are already That. Such is the wealth of detail in the book that it is aimed at the advanced seeker and as such represents a considerable achievement of scholarship. ~ David Lorimer, Paradigm explorer

  • Divine Meditations: 26 Spiritual Qualities of the Bhagavad Gita
    Jenny Light
    I recommend this book by Jenny Light to all those who are seeking spiritual Truth. This is the first time that I have seen an author’s effort in relating a practical pranayama, a meditation, and an affirmation to each of the 26 Spiritual Qualities of the Bhagavad Gita. It is an interesting and inspiring way to keep us reminded of these spiritual qualities and to practically bring them into our meditation and everyday living. As Jenny says, it is a workbook in the process of getting to know your true Self by clearing out the old mental patterns and establishing new more positive states of being. ~ Stephen Sturgess, Kriya Yoga meditation teacher and author

  • Pilgrimage in Japan, A
    Joan D. Stamm
    This book demonstrates how "sacred intent" turns ordinary travel into the adventure of a pilgrimage. As the author and her sister visit each of 33 temples on a traditional pilgrimage route in Japan, we are drawn in by her vivid descriptions as if we had undertaken the journey ourselves. We are left enriched and curiously satisfied.

    It is rare to find a book about traditional pilgrimages in Japan. This book will serve as a valuable, practical guide to those with the courage and determination to undertake even a portion of this very special and sacred journey. ~ Jan Chozen Bays Roshi, author and Co-founder of Great Vow Zen Monastery

  • Less Dust the More Trust, The
    Adeline van Waning, MD PhD
    This is a beautifully written meditation diary and dream journal, which Adeline generously shares with us. It is also unique because it was written during her participation in the Shamatha Project, so it includes both meditation and science. This book is a great gift to us all because it takes us inside a meditator’s heart and mind. It will educate, inspire, and delight you. Highly recommended! ~ Loch Kelly, Meditation teacher, psychotherapist, author of 'Shift Into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness'

  • YOU are THIS
    J.M. Harrison
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A fascinatingly thought provoking read.
    This is a very profound book. It is quite different from, well, every other book I have ever read. There is a lot to grasp and yet, there is not, as the concept is simple. Having said that, it is not for the beginner. If one savors as one reads, the comprehension will come easily. If you pick this up with the intent that this is the magic bullet you've been looking for, you will be quite disappointed. No book offers that. There are no quick fixes. YOU are THIS offers a process, ideas, practices that bring one to fully understanding the concept. I can see how this work actually teaches, truly teaches, how to live fully and in joy, if, again, one savors as one reads. Do that and you will benefit greatly. It's also one of those books that you read, but then, you want to read it again and when you do, you find there is information you just didn't "read" before and you will understand things that you missed the first time around. I love books like that. They are timeless, always learning from the very same book but only getting that which you're ready for each time you read it. Savor it. Let it sink in. Then read it again. The exercises at the end of the book, along with the Paradoxes of the Soul allow contemplation, calming and freedom from thought to experience more of THIS quietly and in peace. ~ T.Love ,

  • YOU are THIS
    J.M. Harrison
    "There is no 'flowery' language or elaborative script - Jonathan's writing is simple and clear and explains THIS as it is. It's not wrapped up in pretty ribbons and he highlights several times that you don't need to pay anything, find anything or go anywhere to experience Non-duality/Awareness. I loved the analogies which I think everyone will identify with, no matter how experienced you are in 'seeking.' I loved the practical reality of the way everything is presented."
    FULL TEXT HERE: ~ Shaz Goodwin,

  • A-U-M: Awakening to Reality
    Dennis Waite
    Synopsis: Gaudapada was one of the world's greatest philosophers in seventh-century India. He invokes the mystical symbol 'AUM' (pronounced as 'ohm') pointing to the three states of consciousness (waking, dreaming and deep sleep) and the nature of reality itself. In the text on which this book is based, he writes that the waker, dreamer and deep-sleeper are like the roles that an actor plays at various times. All three states are the result of ignorance and error. Who we really are is the fourth aspect - the actor himself. If you see or feel a 'thing', then that 'thing' is not 'real.' So the waking world is no more real than the dream. 'You' have never been born. Nothing has ever been created. Causality is a myth. Discover your true nature to be Existence-Consciousness, without limitations, undivided and infinite, prior to time and space. Incredible? Read "A-U-M: Awakening to Reality" by Dennis Waite and be convinced by the irrefutable logic of Gaudapada.

    Critique: Gaudapada (c.6th century CE) was the author or compiler of the Ma ukya Karika, a quintessential text which used madhyamika philosophical terms to delineate Advaita Vedanta philosophy. "A-U-M: Awakening to Reality" by Dennis Waite (who has been a student of Advaita for over 25 years and maintains one of the most visited and respected websites on the subject at Advaita Vision - is an informative, thoughtful, and insightful study which is very highly recommended for academia and the non-specialist reader with an interest in Indian philosophy and metaphysics. Appropriate for both community and academic library collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that "A-U-M: Awakening to Reality" is also available in a Kindle edition ($12.99).

    Willis M. Buhle

    ~ Willis M Buhle, Midwest Book Review

  • YOU are THIS
    J.M. Harrison
    There have been thousands of Spiritual, New Thought/Consciousness, Healing and New Age books flooding the market during these past few decades that the seeker can become justifiably confused. I was therefore looking to Harrison's book for something new and different. What does this book say or fail to say that others have or have not said?

    I read it twice, the first time for pleasure, the second time with an eye to writing a review. He captured my attention straight away by the invention of new words to encompass the experience he attempts to portray. For example;

    Page 3: “The grounding and integration of Non-Duality is what awakens human consciousness to the existence of the Universal-Individual, or Unividual – a wholistically-minded being integrated in wholeness. That is not to say perfected and complete, but Whole in the sense of aware of and in touch with what we are. We are Animal and Divine, warts and all. That is our Hybrid reality-and that is what we constantly overlook.”

    The isness is actually indescribable. Previous “spiritual teachers” have referred to “presence” I believe this is what Harrison refers to as “THIS” but taking it a step further to embrace the universality of consciousness, as well as embracing the individual, in his words “warts and all.”

    It was this refreshing approach that engaged me throughout and whilst at times I found his message somewhat repetitive this repetition may be just what is needed to introduce his novel approach. He makes no claims to be fully enlightened or healed as do many false teachers, indeed his human persona shows up in his writing as coming from a place of loving humility as well as emphasising the dire condition of our modern world quote;

    Page 52; “Day by day people are waking up and realising that the present megoic society is doomed. It is unable to express and sustain the qualities of Being which nurture our wholistic health and well-being, and falls way short of inspiring and enlightening the Soul.”

    But what really impressed and captured my attention was his complete acceptance of the “Soul” as a working alive phenomena in peoples lives. The soul and its multidimensional aspects is not something that writers of spiritual books emphasise, because how do you describe something you cannot see or touch. Clearly he has and is connected with this aspect of his Divinity and it's from this space that he writes. And true to his words about “warts and all” he refers to “spiritual by-pass.”

    As he describes this process stressing the necessity to “do the work” and encompass the suffering instead of denying or negating this darker side, he writes Page 85;

    'People can experience profound suffering by being disconnected from who and what they are, so the idea of discovering an immediate end to suffering is widely appealing. The belief in a 'fast -food' style instant awakening, and clinging to the idea that 'There is nothing to do and no one to be' when there is still need to face individual patterning, is a sign of continued avoidance. If you approach Non-duality as a miraculous cure without being prepared to do your work, then sadly you are only fooling yourself.'

    I like the fact that he did not shy away from truthful criticism of;

    ''The present commercialisation of spirituality is a direct reflection of our society. We not only want it but we want it right now, immediately. The mind that wants it now is not the mind that consciously lives THIS.'

    A truly authentic book written from lived experience unlike many other “spiritual writers” who make claims of enlightenment but who surround themselves with sycophantic fans who never question them or their teachings. I highly recommend this book for those seeking a more authentic take on a multidimensional reality.

    Harrison will not disappoint. One thing I hope for is that his next book is a touch more radical and does not shy away from justifiable criticism of the commercialisation of spiritual teachings and techniques which far from pointing people directly to the mountain leads into a never ending circle of half-truths. Harrison points with lucid clarity the direct way, it's up to the reader to embrace and live his message authentically within their lives and then as all “followers” must eventually do, and that is, as he describes become unividual and experience “YOU are THIS.” After which you will forge your own path being neither a follower nor leader.
    ~ Avril Meyler , Author of A New Human; A Multidimensional Paradigm; and Mission Neha.

  • A-U-M: Awakening to Reality
    Dennis Waite
    I am writing this to congratulate and thank you for your books on Advaita, especially the latest one, AUM on the Mandukya Karika, which I am reading now. You write with clarity and insight and authenticity. I first read 'The Book of One' some time back and enjoyed it greatly. Recently I read ‘Path through the Jungle’, which clarified what genuine traditional advaita is, in contrast to the teachings of some satsang/direct path type of teachers. This I felt was timely and helpful.

    Swami Sarvapriyananda, (a monk of the Ramakrishna Mission, at present living in the monastery at the Vedanta Society of Southern California, Hollywood, Los Angeles)
    ~ Swami Sarvapriyananda, Vedanta Society

  • YOU are THIS
    J.M. Harrison
    # # # # # Five stars on
    More than just informative, it is enlightening.
    Author J.M. Harrison has utilized his experience and years of learning and practice to share with us the powerful knowledge of true spiritual enlightenment. Harrison helps us to understand how we can learn to comprehend and recognize our own inner self and how we connect to the world in which we live, as well as how we can better connect with our minds, souls, and bodies. The book is very well written, though a bit complex at times, some readers may have trouble with the verbiage and more philosophical ideas, but Harrison provides an easy to navigate glossary of terms that is very helpful and informative. Reading this book is meant to be more than just a learning tool, but truly an awakening, and I hope that other readers will appreciate the journey as much as I have. ~ Catherine Grainger,

  • YOU are THIS
    J.M. Harrison
    "British author and philosopher Jonathan Harrison is best described as a Teacher of Being."
    FULL TEXT HERE: ~ Lieterary , Grady Harp

  • A-U-M: Awakening to Reality
    Dennis Waite
    Your book on the Mandukya Upanishad and Gaudapada kArikA-s is the best introduction I have read on Advaita. Clear, succinct, knowledgeable without being pedantic. The book shows your deep grasp of the principles but what is exceptional is your ability to explain the dynamics without dumbing down. And the simplicity of your writing shows that you understand without recourse to abstruse and complicated reasoning. It means you know what you are writing about. A rare feat considering the amount of verbiage out there!

    What struck me was your capacity to give the teachings context. TMP Mahadevan, Balasubramanian, TK Sundaram et al have published erudite books but, as Westerners, we fail to catch the nuances that they take for granted. You have given the teaching context, applicability, and awareness of implications and consequences. This is rare. With your Western education and culture you have managed to absorb the teaching within your background. One could go native so to speak and become a swami after intensive study at say Swami Dayananda's Arsha Vidya Ashram but that can be a trap for, by exchanging one set of 'clothes' ( physical, mental, emotional) for another, there is the danger in thinking one is now superior. You have avoided that trap and as a result your investigations have an authenticity lacking in many who 'explain' Advaita however versatile they may be in spouting Sanskrit and abstruse concepts. ~ Christopher Quilkey, The Mountain Path

  • YOU are THIS
    J.M. Harrison
    Seekers after truth will want to read this book. It is deceptively simple, but, like most still waters, it is very deep.
    FULL REVIEW HERE: ~, T J O’Hare - author of Amnesiak: Blood Divinity

  • I Know How To Live, I Know How To Die
    Neville Hodgkinson
    One of my enduring memories of Dadi Janki was an occasion at a conference in Uxmal, Mexico in 1994 when the subject was science and silence - we sat with Dadi Janki in meditation, bathing in the atmosphere of peace and love that she exuded. She is now 99 and was one of the original founders of the Brahma Kumaris movement in the mid 1930s. Although led by a former jeweller Dad Lekhraj (also know as Brahma Baba), the senior leaders were and are women. I met the author at their headquarters at Mt Abu in India in 1987. This accessible book is both an account of Dadi Janki's life and teaching as well as giving some history of the movement, which will be well-known to most readers. The BKs have a distinctive teaching about the soul and its relation to God with an emphasis on purity and detachment from identification with the body. They believe that we are at the end of a cycle when God will intervene to renew the planet and we will attain a more spiritualised form of existence and understanding. Neville writes not only about the importance of purity, but also of truth, positivity, honesty, respect and silence. Throughout, he quotes the wise words of Dadi Janki based on 80 years of spiritual practice. The last section is on death, which also means dying to our old natures and the old world as well as leaving the body. The main thing throughout is to maintain a close connection with the Supreme Being in both life and death. ~ David Lorimer, Network Review - Autumn 2015 issue

  • YOU are THIS
    J.M. Harrison
    Excellent book for experienced spiritual seekers
    From an overall viewpoint this is a well-written work that provides valuable insights for readers who have a keen interest in spirituality and the concept of enlightenment. The author is clearly an expert regarding this subject matter, and in my view qualifies as a modern day mystic. It is important to note that the content in this work is very deep and intense as well, and as such from my perspective this is not a book for those who are just embarking on a path of spiritual growth. It can, however, be of great value for individuals who have walked such a path for years and are comfortable with metaphysical concepts. I really liked this work, and look forward to reading other books by this author. ~ Jeff Maziarek, Author - direct contact author to author

  • YOU are THIS
    J.M. Harrison
    # # # # # Five stars on
    "Excellent book for experienced spiritual seekers.
    From an overall viewpoint this is a well-written work that provides valuable insights for readers who have a keen interest in spirituality and the concept of enlightenment. The author is clearly an expert regarding this subject matter, and in my view qualifies as a modern day mystic. It is important to note that the content in this work is very deep and intense as well, and as such from my perspective this is not a book for those who are just embarking on a path of spiritual growth. It can, however, be of great value for individuals who have walked such a path for years and are comfortable with metaphysical concepts. I really liked this work, and look forward to reading other books by this author." ~ Jeff Maziarek, Author of Codi's Journey

  • YOU are THIS
    J.M. Harrison
    # # # # # Five stars on
    British author and philosopher Jonathan Harrison is best described as a Teacher of Being. In his previous books WE ARE ALL ONE he gently but firmly and supportingly guided his readers towards a path of self-realization. And in his superbly written next book NAKED BEING: UNDRESSING YOUR MIND, TRANSFORMING YOUR BODY he advanced his ability to assist the reader in purging the misconceptions of self, offers an understanding of the non-duality (not separating the individual from the universe but instead realizing that all is one) of each of our existences.

    Harrison's new book YOU are THIS: AWAKENING TO THE LIVING PRESENCE OF YOUR SOUL book opens his personal experiences and before delving into the content of the book he offers a very helpful glossary of terms – his own definitions of words that are important to the use of his book. YOU are THIS shares Jonathan’s contemporary philosophy of One-duality wherein the phenomenal world is recognized as real, and the Non-dual direct experience of Awareness is realized to be the catalyst for actualizing the presence of our Authentic Soul. Or as he phrases it, ‘discover the mystery of how one seemingly insignificant little word can transform your life and change the world.’

    Reading this book is more of an experience for opening our previously sequestered minds to the possibilities of finding true peace and happiness in being at one with every atom of the Universe. This is not another `self help' book. This is an invitation to an internalized map of being. And Jonathan is a generous and loving guide.
    GRADY HARP - (HALL OF FAME REVIEWER) (VINE VOICE) (TOP 100 REVIEWER) ~ Grady Harp , Amazon Hall of Fame & Top 100 Reviewer

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