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Divine Meditations: 26 Spiritual Qualities of the Bhagavad Gita by Jenny Light

Divine Meditations: 26 Spiritual Qualities of the Bhagavad Gita

Jenny Light

Jan 2019

Practical approach to Divine Union through pranayama and meditation on Bhagavad Gita's 26 God-like qualities.

In the Light of Meditation by Mike George

In the Light of Meditation

Mike George

Dec 2003

A comprehensive introduction to the practice of meditation and the spiritual principles behind it. A 10 lesson meditation prgramme with CD and internet support.

Zen Way of Counseling, The by Svagito Liebermeister

Zen Way of Counseling, The

Svagito Liebermeister

Oct 2009

This book explains the steps to inner spiritual transformation and how to support another person in this process, beyond any technique or method.

Technique for Meditation, A by Joseph Polansky

Technique for Meditation, A

Joseph Polansky

Sep 2011

A no-nonsense step by step guide for people who really want to learn to meditate.

Meditating With Character by  Kamalamani

Meditating With Character


Jan 2012

Inviting meditators to delve deeper into their experience of meditation and embodiment through an experiential exploration of post-Reichian character positions.

Non-Duality by Douwe Tiemersma


Douwe Tiemersma

Nov 2012

Simple.  Insightful.  Relaxing.  Recognize the essential non-dual nature of your own experience: Advaita Vedanta for the 21st century.

Way of Nothing, The by Paramananda Ishaya

Way of Nothing, The

Paramananda Ishaya

Jan 2014

A fresh and lighthearted exploration of the amazing reality of nothingness.

Path of Joy, A by Paramananda Ishaya

Path of Joy, A

Paramananda Ishaya

Jan 2014

A simple and effortless way to freedom

Without You There by Paramananda Ishaya

Without You There

Paramananda Ishaya

May 2014

Seeing the obviousness of enlightenment.

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