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Everyday Buddha by Lawrence Ellyard

Everyday Buddha

Lawrence Ellyard

Dec 2005

Everything is a Blessing by David Vennells

Everything is a Blessing

David Vennells

May 2006

How to Live in the Here and Now by Paul Jones

How to Live in the Here and Now

Paul Jones

Mar 2009

Soul Illuminated, The by Judith Shepherd-Pemell

Soul Illuminated, The

Judith Shepherd-Pemell

May 2010

The Soul Illuminated guides the reader gently into a compelling portrayal of the soul and the spiritual journey.

Cup of Buddha, A by Thomas D Craig

Cup of Buddha, A

Thomas D Craig

May 2011

Taking the journey toward truth and peace in entertaining, simple language, beyond the abstract concepts typically found in eastern philosophy books.

Apocalypse of the Mind, The by Melissa Lowe

Apocalypse of the Mind, The

Melissa Lowe

Mar 2011

In the chaotic times we live in The Apocalypse of the Mind: Transforming Ego into Stillness of Consciousness defines a path to peaceful living.

Now by Rick Singer


Rick Singer

Jul 2011

NOW by Richard A Singer Jr., will allow readers to become intoxicated with passion in each precious moment of their lives. Now is a little book with a big purpose.

Something to Bear in Mind by Michelle Corrigan

Something to Bear in Mind

Michelle Corrigan

Jan 2012

A hear-warming pot pourri of Yoga, Buddhism and Shamanism giving the reader a Thought of the Day.

At Ganapati's Feet by David Dillard-Wright

At Ganapati's Feet

David Dillard-Wright

Aug 2014

This clear gem of a book reveals new facets of wisdom on every page. A must-read for every seeker. 

Auspicious Good Fortune by Sumangali Morhall

Auspicious Good Fortune

Sumangali Morhall

Apr 2012

One woman’s inspirational journey from Western disillusionment to Eastern spiritual fulfilment

Eternal Way to Bliss by Vinita Dubey Pande

Eternal Way to Bliss

Vinita Dubey Pande

Aug 2013

A simple yet comprehensive insight on wisdom that is universal and eternal for transforming self in three stages into ultimate bliss.

Path of Joy, A by Paramananda Ishaya

Path of Joy, A

Paramananda Ishaya

Jan 2014

A simple and effortless way to freedom

Without You There by Paramananda Ishaya

Without You There

Paramananda Ishaya

May 2014

Seeing the obviousness of enlightenment.

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