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Pilgrimage in Japan, A

The 33 Temples of Kannon

Joan D. Stamm

May 2018

A Buddhist journey to the thirty-three temples of Kannon, an ancient pilgrimage route in Western Japan traveled for over a thousand years.

Other Buddhism, The

Amida Comes West

Caroline Brazier

Aug 2007

Cup of Buddha, A

A Blueprint to Truth

Thomas D Craig

May 2011

Taking the journey toward truth and peace in entertaining, simple language, beyond the abstract concepts typically found in eastern philosophy books.

Meditating With Character


Jan 2012

Inviting meditators to delve deeper into their experience of meditation and embodiment through an experiential exploration of post-Reichian character positions.

Pilgrimage to Anywhere

Rijumati Wallis

Apr 2012

Propelled on a shattering spiritual journey around the world Rijumati discovers freedom and insights in the holiness of the ordinary.

Less Dust the More Trust, The

Participating in The Shamatha Project, meditation and science

Adeline van Waning, MD PhD

Jan 2014

The inside-story of a woman participating in frontline meditation research, exploring the interfaces of mind-practice, science and psychology

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