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5000 years of Advaita

Dennis Waite

Feb 2007

Demysifies this ancient, non-dualist philosophy from India

Book of One, The

Dennis Waite

Apr 2010

The Book of One is a comprehensive, articulate guide along the spiritual path of Advaita, the one (not two) philosophy that explains life, the universe and all existence.

A-U-M: Awakening to Reality

Dennis Waite

Sep 2015

Know the truth: There is neither death nor birth; no creation; no multiplicity; nothing apart from Consciousness.

I Am Brahman

A personal quest into the Advaita Reality

Maurice Anslow

Sep 2010

I am Brahman is a journey of the soul towards its true identity as the ground consciousness of the universe.

Advaita Made Easy

Dennis Waite

Jul 2012

Advaita provides answers to all of the difficult questions!

At Ganapati's Feet

Daily Life with the Elephant-Headed Deity

David Dillard-Wright

Aug 2014

This clear gem of a book reveals new facets of wisdom on every page. A must-read for every seeker. 

Eternal Way to Bliss

Kesari's Quest for Answers, Solutions and Meaning

Vinita Dubey Pande

Aug 2013

A simple yet comprehensive insight on wisdom that is universal and eternal for transforming self in three stages into ultimate bliss.

Sanskrit for Seekers

Dennis Waite

May 2014

For travelers in the foreign land of spiritual literature.

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