Who Loves Dies Well

Who Loves Dies Well

On the Brink of Buddha's Pure Land


Who Loves Dies Well is a moving introduction to Pureland Buddhism. Under-represented in literature, Pureland Buddhism, also called Amida Buddhism, is closely concerned with the complex relationship between life and death. It is both about going to heaven and about heaven on earth; a thoroughly spiritual form of Buddhism, yet very practical in its recognition of human limitations. It does not insist on perfection nor encourage guilt at our failings. It is for ordinary people - for all of us who make mistakes and weep with the sorrows of life. Read here the intimacy of Buddhist spiritual life, unique yet universal, laid bare by confrontation with death and a sons love for his mother in her final days.


A moving and instructive book which also serves as an introduction to Amida Buddhism. Appealing and generous, the spirit of Amida is characterised as bittersweet, which makes us both more aware and more alive. ~ , Network Review

Very moving. How we take these deep personal experiences of a universal nature and transform them in order to improve ourselves, to come to a greater understanding of faith and to live out of that is the noble subject matter of this book. This very personal approach has been elegantly connected with the Pure Land tradition. It is simply written, very easy to follow - and higly recommended. ~ , The Middle Way

Not for nothing is the teaching of the Buddha called "The Great Matter of Life and Death", for it is through understanding death, and the role that love plays in it, that we are able to master life. The Pure Land tradition of Buddhism shows us a way of surrendering the self to the limitless power of the Buddha's Compassion, thus solving this "Great Matter" for ourselves (though not by ourselves). Though this sounds simple, it is by no means easy, and we need a guide. This book is such a guide, presented simply and clearly through the story of the relationship between the author, his mother and the Buddha-dharma. It is practical, moving and full of deep love for the reader, and as such is the perfect guide to newcomers and experienced Buddhists alike. ~ Jim Pym, Author of You Don't Have to Sit on the Floor and of Listening to the Light

Dharmavidya's book "Who Loves Dies Well" is right on the mark. As he takes us through the sufferings of his mother in her last days, he intertwines his expetiences as a devoted caretaker and a son with his clear understanding of Pure Land Buddhism in an illuminating and inviting style. His observations on religion in general, Buddhism and life make this a valuable book for anyone's library. ~ Professor Al Bloom, Author of The Essential Shinran

David Brazier
David Brazier David Brazier is president of the International Zen Therapy Institute and head of the Order of Amida Buddha. He is a spiritual teacher, phil...
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