Way of Nothing, The

Way of Nothing, The

Nothing in the Way

A fresh and lighthearted exploration of the amazing reality of nothingness.


Though it is simple and obvious, you may not understand the incredible importance of the way of nothing. When you do see the way, you will wonder, "Can it really be this easy and simple?" And seeing that there was never anything in the way of freedom can almost be embarrassing. "How could I have never seen it?" you’ll ask.
The Way of Nothing: Nothing in the Way explores the obstacles that stop you from reaching your highest desires: enlightenment, eternal peace, or simply ordinary contentment. These obstacles are nothing more than concepts you have that seem real, yet they vanish with insight into the way. It is a wonderful surprise to discover that there has always been nothing in the way of what you want. Best of all, there is really nothing to it!


The apparent simplicity of the book and its form of writing should not mislead us about the depth of its contents. To understand and achieve nothingness is the ultimate path to achieve freedom and bliss. This nothingness also brings about the realization of the oneness around you. If all that exists is the infinite, and it is what you are, then to become 'that' should take zero effort. To become separate requires more effort. So, nothingness is the non-dual leading to simple unity. ~ East & West Series, Vol 39 Issue No 12

Paramananda Ishaya has penned a magnificent book in "The Way Of Nothing". He has shared his own direct experience, sans theory or dogma, and pointed out to seekers what the real, honest-to-God, authentic TRUTH really is. ~ Charlie Hayes, author of "You Are Unborn" and other books on Nondual Spirituality

Paramananda Ishaya
Paramananda Ishaya Paramananda was born in Calgary Alberta in 1975 and currently lives in Vancouver British Columbia where he works as an electrician. He firs...
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