Technique for Meditation, A

Technique for Meditation, A

A no-nonsense step by step guide for people who really want to learn to meditate.


No matter what your religion or spiritual path, this no nonsense guide will lead you into the techniques for higher consciousness, health and happiness. It is only through meditation that we can access the deepest levels of the mind and spirit.


This book is a simple, rare and practical contribution to the art of meditation. Very Authentic.

~ Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi, Director and Principal Tutor, The Kabbalah Society, Author of 14 books on Kabbalah

The Technique for Meditation is an excellent, hands-on guidebook for both beginners and advanced meditators. Polansky sympathetically addresses the normal doubts and fears, which novice meditators encounter, as well as providing advanced techniques and theoretical grounding for experienced meditators. The many different techniques explained here are suited to different people’s predilections and particular spiritual problems. Readers will find something perfectly tailored to their own abilities, no matter what their skill or interest level. If you are the kind of person who has trouble with visualization, you will surely find one or another technique amongst the myriad presented here which can be your ‘hinge’. Polansky makes it clear that his techniques are just pointers or examples which can be modified any way the reader likes to suit his or her own needs. I especially like Polansky’s realistic emphasis upon the dedication and hard work needed to achieve lasting results (which is a refreshing break from the usual New Age ‘Just think happy thoughts and everything will be wonderful!’ claptrap). Another important point is Polansky’s stressing the importance of journal-keeping – writing thoughts and feelings down and then releasing the negative ones ritually – as the crux of self-analysis and self-transformation (this is essentially the same thing as the Jungian Active Imagination technique which I have used for years and have found so necessary for true spiritual understanding and change). Also notable is the emphasis on praise (cultivating a feeling of gratitude) as the key to seeing oneself as already lucky – i.e. of being able to allow oneself to make a space to feel happy NOW – which cuts through all the blocks which people use to defer their happiness to some future (or afterlife) which never comes. Highly recommended. 

~ Bob Makransky, Author 'Magical Living', 'Thought Forms' and 'Primary Directions'

As the title implies, this is a practical guide to meditation, with theory kept to a minimum. The author, a teacher of meditation, shares the fruits of his knowledge and experience. These are techniques that have been proven to work, and even experienced meditators can learn something.

~ Alexander Markin, Editor, Journal of Spiritual Astrology

For 35 years Joseph Polansky has been helping students of the ancient wisdom teachings learn to become practitioners of those teachings. This very practical book on HOW TO meditate is a valuable addition to his impressive body of work.

~ Marjorie J. Coffman, President, The School of the Natural Order, Inc.

The practice of meditation, prayer, contemplation — communing with God, Spirit, Creative Energy — is basic to every spiritual pathway. Hence every student, embarking on the adventure to enlightenment, needs practical guidance. In Technique for Meditation, Joseph Polansky presents a variety of effective methods, each one refined in the crucible of personal experience. For the student who seeks powerful yet easy-to-follow techniques that produce positive results — and who doesn’t? — he or she will find them here.

~ Phillel, Coexecutive Director of Mark-Age

Although most of the author's literary works are of an esoteric nature, he presents them in a manner of which most persons would be able to comprehend and adapt themselves. And for these excellent techniques and teachings, I can only offer my praise and sincere congratulations, for indeed any one of these methods, or even in complement with another, can only lead to the 'Ultimate' in which we are all striving, and that is the transformation into the Immortal Spirit. 

~ Rev. Dr. Helane V. Baldwin, R.N., Ph.D., , Founder and President The Institute of Spiritual Integral Sciences, Inc., Miami, Florida

Enjoying your book! This is an extraordinary guide to meditation. The techniques are simple, yet life changing.

~ Jo Davidson, Zentertainment Talk Radio

Technique for Meditation brings the wisdom of ancient masters to the 21st century in a process that’s easy to read, understand, and adapt. A must read for the spiritually eager and the meditative enthusiast!

~ Bradley Quick, Radio Host & Author -The Quick Fix

While the East has been aware of the power of meditation since the womb, the West is just now awakening to its benefits. Polansky's 'A Technique for Meditation' is so much more than a mundane manual for achieving Nirvana. It's a quintessential experience. This is like spiritual vitamins for the soul – a true prescription for the mind, body, spirit integration that is the necessary foundation for manifestation.

~ Dyan Garris, Editor, Voices of Angels Magazine, meditation expert, author, musician, and clairvoyant

Joseph Polansky
Joseph Polansky Joseph Polansky is the author of A Technique for Meditation (Mantra Books), Sun Sign Success (Warner Books), Pendulum Power (with Greg Niels...
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