Tantra Demystified

Tantra Demystified

explains how tantric techniques are not just for sexual peaks but also for spiritual bliss


A treasure trove of ancient tantric secrets and techniques for happiness in life and relationships. Tantra Demystified is a manual for enlightened loving and living, and a handbook on how to become an enlightened lover. Tantra has been practiced for thousands of years in many parts of the world, and uses sex as a means to arrive at one’s highest spirit. This book explains how tantric techniques are not just for sexual peaks but also for spiritual bliss. Ancient knowledge is made simple and easy to understand. It teaches the reader many techniques to arrive at pleasure peaks to heal the sexual aspect of personal relationships. It shows a clear path to arrive at the joy, bliss and pleasure everyone seeks in intimate relationships.


This 226 page how-to on the art of spiritual love making was a true pleasure to review because it was done in such an honest and straightforward way. The exercises and directions were easy to follow and there was just a real sense of understanding what was being suggested. I also thought the 10 questions about good sex in the back was very helpful. There was even a recommended reading list, so if I didn't get everything I needed here, I knew where to go. The exercises in each chapter were well presented and I found the tantric meditations helped me stay focused. I would recommend this enlightened guide to anyone who has every wanted to get more involved in tantric sexual practices. Thanks Vikas for taking the guess work out. ~ Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living Today

Vikas Malkani has indeed demystified Tantra in this clearly written book. He keeps Sanskrit terminology to a minimum and his experiene as a leader of spiritual growth and relationship workshops shines through. He explains what Tantra is and how its techniques can be applied to transform sexual energy into a blissful expression of spiritual energy. There are meditations, breathing and physical exercises and lots of sound advice for improving your sex life. Towards the end, there is an extensive sexual attitudes questionare (I would answer this before, rather than after, reading the book). This is a reassuring and informative guide to a subject that deserves to be more widely understood... ~ Pilgrims Mind Body Spirit

Vikas Malkani
Vikas Malkani Vikas Malkani is one of the worlds leading teachers of personal growth and self-realization. He is the founder of SoulCentre Academy, Singap...
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