Soul Illuminated, The

Soul Illuminated, The

The Soul Illuminated guides the reader gently into a compelling portrayal of the soul and the spiritual journey.


The soul is our peaceful inner core of love and wellbeing. Without knowledge of this inner self, we can think and act in ways that destroy our inner peace and make our lives and the lives of those we love difficult and heartbreaking. By learning how to connect with and understand the true self — the soul — we can alter the path of our lives. Judith Pemell recounts her own spiritual journey and powerful examples of others on the spiritual path and describes the anatomy of the soul and its functions. She includes precise explanations and examples of how to tune into the soul and our higher powers, how the soul ensures our integrity or moral centre, and how an understanding of karma and reincarnation can help to free us from the past and create a better future.


Presented beautifully, Judith's book shows the reader how, by learning to connect with and understand one's true self: the soul, we cam alter the paths of our lives, both enriching and maintaining love and wellbeing.

~ Lindsay Sinclair, Eternal Spirit

Filled with compelling insight. The Soul Illuminated takes you further than the personal experiences, further than the analyst's objectivity, and all the way to the soul of the matter. ~ Paul Wilson, author of The Quiet and The Little Book of Calm

Judith's writing is exceptionally subtle yet also accessible and genuinely moving. She is not asking for agreement with her thoughts but for each reader to consider freshly their own unique relationship with soul and God. ~ Stephanie Dowrick, author of Choosing Happiness: Life and Soul Essentials

Judith Shepherd-Pemell
Judith Shepherd-Pemell Judith Pemell is a Sydney based psychotherapist and educator. Judith worked as a journalist before migrating into live theatre and film, whe...
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