Sivananda Buried Yoga

Sivananda Buried Yoga


Yogi Manmoyanand's controversial new book exceeded all expectations and will become an instant bestseller, not only at Watkins, but across the globe. Watkins Books, London. Why have the yoga teachers of the modern world chosen to reduce yoga to a system of gymnastic fitness and compromised its true essence by completely distorting it to fit into the modern lifestyle?

Is asana all about physical exercises?
Is pranayama all about curing diseases?
Is meditation all about stress management?

After practising many years of the modern therapeutic styles of yoga with some of the most renowned contemporary teachers with their numerous claims of authenticity, the author's incessant desire for spiritual-awareness was never addressed. Until, one day an old ascetic perceived the urgency of his quest and took him to the remote caves of the Himalayas. Sivananda Buried Yoga is about personal journey of the author & the discoveries of the stunning realities of yoga.


Definitive, Inputdownable, Beautiful, Pure The story traces the yogi's journey from a seeker to his spiritual maturity under the guidance of his guru, and subsequent departure to fulfill his karmic role as a teacher himself. Packed full of wisdom the yogi gleaned from his masters and his own practice and told with the transparent purity of a mountain spring. It unveils and illuminates what yoga truly is and the light it shines is one that not only touches the soul but firmly imprints itself as the voice of truth. A great book. ~

Spanning the one-dimensional keep-fit view of yoga in the west and advocating a return to the depth and breadth of yogas true roots, yogi manmoyanand's controversial new book exceeded all expectations and became an instant bestseller. Not only at Watkins, but across the globe. ~ Watkins Books, London

This book is like a light, if you stand behind it, it will illuminate your path as far as you can see, but if you confront it, it will surely blind you. ~ Swami Achutanand, Ashram at Kamet, Himalayas

This is one of those books which promises so much and then does not quite seem to deliver all you hope for. It starts very well, with the author's experiences, and the first few chapters are extremely well written and enjoyable. They gave me very high hopes that this was going to be an exceptional book. However the flavour of the book once the author makes the connection with his guru becomes like a yogic version of Castaneda..... So this is a book of two halfs, or perhaps I should say a half broken in two and a second half! The first half (or just under) of the book is excellent, then it fades somewhat, and then the fire returns in the last couple of chapters. Although it lacks in places, it is still an excellent read, and one which is sure to make any seeker stop and think about their path, which is always a good thing ~ John Canard, Esoteric Book Review (Avalonia)

An autobiographical account of the author's spiritual development - what comes through most strongly is a passion for truth and genuine spiritual discovery which cannot be fobbed off with anything less than authenticity. The author criticises the purely physical approach to yoga in the West, which bypasses true spiritual awareness and takes a business based approach. The reader will find clear explanations of traditional techniques in a readable form that brings the experience alive. ~ David Lorimer, Scientific & Medical Network

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