Sanskrit for Seekers

Sanskrit for Seekers

For travelers in the foreign land of spiritual literature.


Learn the rudiments of Sanskrit to enable you to read the script, pronounce words and look them up in a dictionary. Sanskrit for Seekers utilises the ITRANS transliteration scheme commonly found on the Internet.


An excellent guide to Sanskrit for those who wish to read, write and pronounce Sanskrit terms, which covers the transliterated Sanskrit terms and teaches the Devanagari script / alphabet, as well as teaching the main rules for combining Sanskrit letters and words. The book uses examples from Hindu scriptures and includes a glossary of Sanskrit terms, with a clear and precise explanation of the pronunciation vowels and consonants. Highly recommended. ~ Martin Gill, Yoga Magazine:

I went through the whole book several times and even started to read in detail the first chapters and even some of the other chapters of special interest to me. My first global impression is very positive and there is no doubt that the book fully covers the objectives you mention in the beginning. Personally, I wish I should have had such a book at my disposal a long time ago; it could have prevented me to learn alone, the hard way and to do time-consuming search both in a lot of books and more recently on the Internet. Although not a specialist nor a scholar, but an average seeker with no authority, this is definitely a book that I can strongly recommend to all spiritual seekers and to everyone interested in Sanskrit, not only beginners, but also to more advanced learners who could wish to brush up their knowledge of the language. ~ Guy Werlings

This lovely book provides two levels of Sanskrit instruction. It is a wonderful guide to all those individuals that would like to know the basic Sanskrit religious vocabulary and how to read, write, and pronounce Sanskrit terms. The book introduces the transliterated Sanskrit alphabet and secondly, it teaches the Devanagari script/alphabet. The second level also teaches the main rules for combining Sanskrit letters and words – which is often a headache for the beginner. Many examples are provided from the Hindu scriptures to illustrate these two levels of teaching. As well, there is a comprehensive glossary of the most commonly encountered spiritual terms. This useful book will appeal to all serious spiritual seekers interested in the Hindu scriptures and Sanskrit terminology. Its aim is to teach the reader so as to be able to look up Sanskrit words in a dictionary and to write and pronounce them correctly. I am sure that all ‘beginners’ or even more advanced seekers of Hindu wisdom will find this a wonderful guide. ~ John Grimes, author of 'A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy'

What a great work! ~ Alan Jacobs, President Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK and well-known author

It is a pleasure to acknowledge Dennisji's 'Labor of Love' and his trusting me with the task of making a few helpful hints along the way. As the Gita assures us, no good deed ever goes to waste, and even if human beings ignore this work, Dennisji will be blessed for it. ~ Sunder Hattangadi, moderator for Advaitin Elist, Sanskrit scholar

My humble praNAms and Congratulations for a fantastic work done. It is going to be useful as long as man lives on this Earth. ~ Professor V. Krishnamurthy, well known Advaita scholar

Dennis Waite
Dennis Waite Educated to degree-level in Chemistry, he has worked for most of his life in computing. Since 2000, he has devoted his life to writing. He c...
Book of One, The by Dennis Waite

Book of One, The

Dennis Waite

The Book of One is a comprehensive, articulate guide along the spiritual path of Advaita, the one (not two) philosophy that explains life, the universe and all existence.

Back to the Truth by Dennis Waite

Back to the Truth

Dennis Waite

Demysifies this ancient, non-dualist philosophy from India

Advaita Made Easy by Dennis Waite

Advaita Made Easy

Dennis Waite

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I Know How To Live, I Know How To Die by Neville Hodgkinson

I Know How To Live, I Know How To Die

Neville Hodgkinson

Life and death explored in the context of frontier science and deep soul awareness.

Less Dust the More Trust, The by Adeline van Waning, MD PhD

Less Dust the More Trust, The

Adeline van Waning, MD PhD

The inside-story of a woman participating in frontline meditation research, exploring the interfaces of mind-practice, science and psychology

Way of Nothing, The by Paramananda Ishaya

Way of Nothing, The

Paramananda Ishaya

A fresh and lighthearted exploration of the amazing reality of nothingness.

Your Quest for a Spiritual Life by Michelle Corrigan

Your Quest for a Spiritual Life

Michelle Corrigan

This book is aimed at those who are walking their spiritual path, who are seeking guidance, and who practice Yoga.

A-U-M: Awakening to Reality by Dennis Waite

A-U-M: Awakening to Reality

Dennis Waite

Know the truth: There is neither death nor birth; no creation; no multiplicity; nothing apart from Consciousness.

Book of Enlightenment by  Anadi

Book of Enlightenment


A unique manual of spiritual insight and revelation which takes the reader beyond accepted boundaries of non-duality and enlightenment.

Living Yoga Wisdom by Eckard Wolz-Gottwald, Ilka Schroeder

Living Yoga Wisdom

Eckard Wolz-Gottwald
Ilka Schroeder

Living Yoga wisdom is a practice book of yoga philosophy.

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