Pilgrimage to Anywhere

Pilgrimage to Anywhere

Propelled on a shattering spiritual journey around the world Rijumati discovers freedom and insights in the holiness of the ordinary.


Hoping to rediscover his deeper purpose, Rijumati, an English Buddhist teacher and businessman, embarked on a journey into the unknown: a round-the-world trip by land and sea that became a kind of pilgrimage.  Months - and many crises - later he returned with new reverence for ordinary people and places, a sense of veneration for nature’s wonders and a profound gratitude for being human.

Part travel diary and part record of a spiritual journey, these pages evoke the sacred, remote places encountered in the outer world alongside the “inner terrain” that unfolded along the way. If you have ever felt the call of the open road, longed to travel as a form of self-discovery, or just wanted to know how to stay sane whilst getting a visa stamp in Kazakhstan, then Pilgrimage to Anywhere is for you.


Rijumati’s long journey took him through many countries, cultures, and climates, and he writes with veracity and verve about the places he passed through and the diverse people he met. Once you have started on this book you will find it difficult to put it down. 

~ Sangharakashita, Buddhist teacher, founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order and author of more than 50 books on Buddhism

Travelling with Rijumati on his epic round-the-world pilgrimage is a thoroughly engaging experience. He is a witty and good humoured travel companion, and a vivid writer, but his desire to find meaning in the journey makes this more than an enjoyable travelogue. Rijumati's honesty and perceptiveness take you right into his inner journey. Accompanying him through the many worlds he visits introduces us to the hard-wrought wisdom that comes through frustration, foolishness and setbacks as well as friendship, wonder and curiosity. 
~ Vishvapani Blomfield, Author of Gautama Buddha: the Life and Teachings of the Awakened One

Rijumati Wallis
Rijumati Wallis I am male. I was born in London in 1965, educated at the City of London School and Cambridge University where I received an MA in Mathemati...
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