Path of Joy, A

Path of Joy, A

Popping into Freedom

A simple and effortless way to freedom


The search for spiritual enlightenment becomes difficult when seriousness replaces simple commitment. You close the door on the joy of being by taking yourself seriously. When you discover a path of joy, however, freedom is no longer a difficult task but an effortless exploration.
Approaching liberation with effort makes sense to the mind when the goal is as valuable as enlightenment, and we’re used to trying hard to achieve what we want. But understanding what you truly are works in unexpected ways, and in this lies the cosmic joke.
A Path of Joy: Popping into Freedom takes a lighthearted look at overcoming the obstacles you encounter in your journey. Each topic is a kernel of truth that invites you to explore and pop into the aliveness of silence. And the path is more obvious than you’d expect.


Paramananda writes with a lighthearted clarity about the pathless path to freedom. As he shares from his own experience, and expresses from beyond all experience, his words will resonate with your own knowing and touch you deeply. Enjoy the ride. ~ Unmani, Author of Die to Love

You have created a fun, light-hearted, easy-to-read, yet powerful invitation to enlightenment. The principles you teach are right on and will bring increasing moments of awakening to all who practice them. You have evolved from a determined seeker and great comedian to a wise and effective teacher - a wonderful expression of your own spiritual transformation along the Path of Joy.  ~ John C. Robinson, Ph.D., D.Min., Author of The Three Secrets of Aging, Bedtime Stories for Elders, What Aging Men Want

Paramananda's new book offers a kaleidoscope of spiritual teachings and insights that spark self enquiry on a myriad of levels. You really feel that he is sitting with you one on one as his clear wisdom envelops you and guides to your own joyful path to freedom. ~ Lawrence Ellyard, author of Reiki Meditations for Beginners and The Spirit of Water

Paramananda has written a gem of a book.  Simple yet profound.  Finding joy in each moment we are alive has never been so attainable. ~ Richard A Singer Jr. Author of Now: Embracing the Present Moment

A Path of Joy is a meaningful yet light-hearted book that brings joy and insight to the spiritual journey. With grace and humor, Paramananda Ishaya reminds us that we have permission to think less and enjoy more. We don’t really have to “know” anything; we can gently remove the concepts, and just settle back into the silence and stillness that has been with us all along. ~ Dee Willock – Author of Falling Into Easy: Help For Those Who Can’t Meditate

Paramananda has heard the silence and experienced the bliss. This book takes the reader to the core of the non-dual reality and brilliantly reminds the seeker not to take it all too seriously otherwise you make the mistake of seeking that which you already are. ~ Maurice Anslow author of "I am Brahman"

A Path of Joy takes a lighthearted look at a personal spiritual journey and the ancient wisdoms and teachings encountered on the way. Paramananda cleverly distills those teachings into a very simple but potent form that can be easily applied to modern day living. He encourages us all to embrace the silence that we might discover our true nature and experience a life of joyful living. ~ Lucy O’Hagan, Therapist, Acupuncturist and Author of Beyond The Here and Now

Paramananda Ishaya
Paramananda Ishaya Paramananda was born in Calgary Alberta in 1975 and currently lives in Vancouver British Columbia where he works as an electrician. He firs...
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