Other Buddhism, The

Other Buddhism, The

Amida Comes West


The Pureland schools are the largest Buddhist denominations in Japan, and yet this approach to Buddhism is hardly known in the West. Pureland centres on our relationship with Amida Buddha, the embodiment of measureless love, light and life. It offers a fresh view of spirituality, recognising us in our mundane lives, whilst lifting us into relationship with the eternal. As ordinary people, we cannot fathom our own depths nor can we know the immensity of the universe. We can but stand in awe and reach out to what we intuitively know to be beyond the small orbit of our lives. Pureland is a path of simplicity and beauty, poetry and nature. It is the path of faith.


A charming book which was for me a revelation about a devotional approach to Buddhism that I had not previously encountered. As a student of eastern religions, I feel honoured to be asked to review this book. Taken from a longer review: http://mbsmagazin.blogspot.de/2012/11/amida-comes-west.html#.ULYOQe7yZly ~ Dr L Da Costa, www.soulace.co.uk

In this profound work, Caroline Brazier looks at the apparent opposites of Pure Land Buddhism and psychotherapeutic practice in a deep and unifying manner. Leading us gently but firmly, she shows how the Other-power - which is the essence of the Pure Land (Jodo) Path - can be a vital factor in a full restoration of the harmony of self. The result is not only an essential book for Buddhists, for students of religion, and for therapists of all schools, but for anyone who seeks an improved ability to cope with the stresses of our everyday world. ~ Jim Pym, Aditor of Pure Land Notes, and author of You Dont Have to Sit on the Floor.

She describes the essence of this faith in a poetic, moving manner but written in a simple style. She also looks at the apparent opposites of Pure Land Buddhism and psychotherapeutic practice in a deep and unifying manner. This leads on to Other-power, fundamental to the Pure Land. This will be most useful not only to buddhists but also to students of religion, therapy and other disciplines. ~ , The Middle Way

Caroline Brazier
Caroline Brazier Caroline Brazier is a Buddhist and a psychotherapist with a passion for the natural world. Leader of the Tariki Psychotherapy Training Progr...

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