Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom

Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom

The Feminine Face of Awakening


The Extraordinary Wisdom of Ordinary Women is a collection of intimate, heartfelt conversations with women spiritual teachers who live and look like ordinary people. They have kids, husbands, jobs, and bills to pay. What makes them extraordinary is that each woman has awakened to her true nature. And while that sounds like enlightenment, it doesn’t look like the old stereotype of transcendence, detachment, and bliss. Quite the contrary. This is the feminine half of the spiritual journey—bringing it down to earth and embracing all of what it means to be human. These real life stories show by practical example what it means to be fully awake and fully engaged, to meet the world without resistance—even and especially when it’s not easy—whether it’s death, divorce or illness. The invitation is explicit… “if these ordinary women can be fully awake and fully human, why not me, why not you? And why not now.”


Just under the radar, a profound shift is happening in human consciousness. More and more people are waking up from the trance of separation, realizing their essential Oneness. Even more important, we are seeing an unprecedented shift in how that awakening is being embodied: for the first time we are witnessing a spirituality that is a balance of the divine masculine and feminine: embodied, heartful, interconnected and profoundly honest. This book is a vibrant living testimony of this new spirituality: it is a celebration of the return of the Goddess. Rita Marie Robinson has done us all a great service: she has given a voice to the hope for a saner and more balanced humanity. This is essential reading. Arjuna Ardagh, author of The Translucent Revolution, Founder of the Living Essence Foundation. ~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee Ph.D., Sufi teacher and author of Awakening the World

Here is an outpouring and sharing of how a number of ordinary women found spiritual peace after coping with depression, broken relationships, illness and bereavement. Their way may not be your way, but read, weep, laugh and cry as you identify with their life challenges and their discoveries about themselves. It may just help you get your life into perspective, for what they have found you can find too. Like all; our journeys continue and the route is ours to make. An inspiring read. ~ Barbara Venn-Lever, www.myspiritradio.com

Spiritual teachers who live like ordinary people - kids, husbands, jobs, and bills to pay. Each woman has awakened to her true nature. Rita's many paths - occult to shamanism to Buddhism and New Thought Churches led her in 1995 to a Masters as a psychotherapist from Pacifica Graduate Institute, with its soul-centered approach to counseling. ~ , The Messenger

In the past 30 years women have emerged into the forefront of the spiritual life in the West, and the interviews in this book reflect a new generation of clear-eyed women teachers and sages. ~ Stephan Bodian,, author of the best-selling Meditation for Dummies, former editor of Yoga Journal

This will become a milestone in female spirituality. Not only does it recount the fascinating and intimate stories of twelve ‘ordinary’ women in their search for peace and self knowledge, the author engages the reader with her own quest through her integrity, vulnerability and courage. Beautifully written with captivating honesty, this unique book will become an inspiration for both men and women alike, also looking for the essence of who they truly are. ~ Paula Marvelly,, author of Teachers of One, Living Advaita

This is a book that gives us the permission to be ourselves, the simple wonder of whom we really are. Here are clues to the great human mystery, the secret that is within each of us waiting to be lived. There is nothing to search for, just the challenge to be awake, to be present in each ordinary, extraordinary moment. It is with tremendous enthusiasm that I recommend this book to you. It is an exquisite pointer to the vast field of women who have realized the highest spiritual truths and are speaking out to bring their wisdom to the table so that we may benefit from their labors of love. Rita Marie Robinson is a gifted writer. This is a visionary book to be cherished for the intimate glimpses it provides us into the lives of women who point the way to how we can live a life of enlightened living in the midst of ordinary circumstances. ~ Richard C. Miller, PhD,, author of Yoga Nidra.

Have you ever wanted to have coffee with your therapist or spiritual teacher? Have you ever wanted to ask questions like, "What happens when you're really pissed off?" This book is like that. Except better, because Rita Marie Robinson always seems to know just the right question to ask to make the whole journey utterly, magnificently human. Plus, her own journey in writing the book is equally fascinating, and she spins that yarn for you as both a wonderful writer and your close friend. Simply put, "Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom" is one of those books to savor, underline like crazy, and then age with gracefully until its dog-eared pages no longer need to remind you that you're already Home. ~ Raphael Cushnir,, author of How Now: 100 Ways to Celebrate the Present Moment

Rita Marie Robinson
Rita Marie Robinson Like many of her generation, Rita Marie Robinson has been on a lifelong search. Looking for the answer outside herself, she explored many pa...
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