The groundless openness

Simple.  Insightful.  Relaxing.  Recognize the essential non-dual nature of your own experience: Advaita Vedanta for the 21st century.


Non-Duality; The Groundless Openness, gives an extended and precise exposé of the various forms and aspects of non-duality in a question-answer style. It contains introductions and talks arranged in a systematic order, offering a thorough insight into non-duality and showing viable ways for its realization.

Douwe Tiemersma, retired university professor and published author is also a teacher of Advaita Vedanta in the Netherlands.


This book is really a pearl because it provides much clarity and transparency about the direct path. ~ InZicht Magazine , (InSight Magazine, paths of radical self-enquiry) #11-1 February 2009

Whoever feels the need and has the courage to examine the correctness of his ideas about himself and the world finds an abundance of welcome help. ~ OHM-Vani , (Broadcast) 15-2 (April 2009)

This book is a jewel because it discusses the many aspects of spiritual development so fundamentally: from the perspective of individual being-experience and the assessment of experiential truths. ~ Tijdschrift voor Yoga , Journal of Yoga (#20-4)

This is an excursion through the world of nonduality. Douwe Tiemersma steers you through alleys of advaita, into Nisargadatta's room, from question mark to question mark, to the corners and turns of his spiritual biography, and into the experiences of witness-being and self-being. Tiemersma is a nonduality pioneer. He wrote the foreword to Nisargadatta's I Am That, which is why his name is familiar. Yet he is low key, writing in his native Dutch, teaching through his Advaita Center in Gouda. Tiemersma is a reason why the Netherlands is a world center of nondual activity. Openness is a key theme in this book, a repetitive reminder to enjoy the vistas and sounds and flavours of nondual descriptions and confessions while staying with "the Openness that is not limited by anything and goes right through everything." Thanks to this English translation from the Dutch by Ellen and John Trezevant, an extensive and diverse text by Douwe Tiemersma, the quiet gem of the Netherlands, is available to a much wider audience than has ever known him. ~ Jerry Katz,

Non-Duality by Douwe Tiemersma is a selection of transcriptions from talks that Douwe gave from the early 1980s onwards on the subject of non-dual Openness: "a being-experience in which nothing is separated from yourself." In this book Douwe speaks from this Openness, about this Openness, to the Openness in each of us, encouraging us all to awaken to this Blessing. Read this book, see who you really are, and discover you are part of a world-wide ‘satsang’ - a growing circle of friends who are enjoying the truth that sets us free. This freedom, this wonderful Openness, heals all divisions. As Douwe says, “Everything is lovingly included as yourself.” ~ Richard Lang, The Headless Way (

Douwe Tiemersma
Douwe Tiemersma Douwe Tiemersma Ph.D. (1945) was a teacher of Biology and then senior lecturer in Philosophy at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam until hi...
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