Narrow Way, The

Narrow Way, The

A Memoir Of Coming Out, Getting Clean and Finding Buddha

A harrowing and sometimes beautiful story of a man who lost his mind only to find it again halfway across the world.


Even at twelve years old, Chris Lemig knows he's gay. He just doesn't want to believe it. Spurred on by intolerance, ignorance and fear, he takes his first steps into the closet and so begin twenty-three years of drinking, drugs and attempted suicides. It's only after he wakes up one morning, beaten and still bleeding from a hate crime, that he finally finds the courage to come out and make a change.
Renewed and refreshed, he finds sanity and healing in the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and without looking back, sets off on an inspired pilgrimage to India and Nepal. The Narrow Way is the harrowing and sometimes beautiful story of a man who lost his mind only to find it again in a strange new religion, in a strange new place, halfway across the world.


The Narrow Way is the beautifully written and profound account of the difficult path Chris Lemig took to discover that we are all deserving of love and capable of true freedom. We can all find ourselves in, and benefit from, his journey. ~ Sharon Salzberg, Author of "Lovingkindness" and "Real Happiness"

In the Narrow Way, Chris Lemig fearlessly slams his cinematic memoir down on your altar. He may go to India, but this ain't Eat, Pray, Love. The Narrow Way demands that you face the great secret: you cause your own suffering. But there's hope. Don't wait for the movie. Read this book! ~ Clayton Gibson, Founder of

In the Narrow Way, Chris Lemig reveals with poetic courage a life of struggle and suffering. There are no rounded corners here, just the author's bare, scarred innards. There is, however, a clear vision of a journey that must continue, and we are left rooting for Lemig as he adamantly wills together the broken pieces of his life. ~ Allan Lokos, Author of "Pocket Peace:Effective Practices for Enlightened Living"

The Narrow Way is a journey into personal pain that is at once uncomfortable and deeply inspiring. Mr. Lemig shows us that it is the challenge of the human heart to find freedom, love and one's own way in the world. ~ Venerable Tenzin Kacho, Author of "Rich Brother, Rich Sister"

The Narrow Way is a celebration of the diversity of 21st century Buddhist practice. Lemig's deeply personal account, told with raw emotion and elegance, is a moving testimony of powerful transformation through the discovery of the Buddhadharma. ~ David Gardiner, Professor of Buddhist Studies, Colorado College

Chris Lemig
Chris Lemig After two decades struggling with addiction Chris Lemig finally made the choice to come out of the closet and get clean and sober. Following...
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