Meditating With Character

Meditating With Character

Inviting meditators to delve deeper into their experience of meditation and embodiment through an experiential exploration of post-Reichian character positions.


Meditating with Character invites the reader to get really curious about what goes on in their meditation practice, through understanding their embodying and disembodying habits. These habits and patterns are explored through the lens of character positions, a body of knowledge taken from post-Reichian psychotherapy. This book breaks new ground in weaving together important threads from meditation, body psychotherapy, and Buddhism, encouraging the reader to be more present with their experience of being an integrated body-mind. The tone is warm, immediate and accessible, reflecting the enthusiasm of the author for meditation and life. Reflection exercises are included, supporting the reader to make sense of their unique approach to being a body with their particular history and life strategies. These reflections can help both new and seasoned meditators to either deepen or revive their connection with their practice. Meditating with Character is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in meditation or being more at home in their own skin, both on and off the meditation cushion.


As Kamalamani so clearly describes, meditation is a brilliant way to engage with the process of understanding ourselves through character theory. Just as with other aspects of life, we meditate in character: it brings us directly into contact with our own deepest habits of being. By bringing meditation together with character theory, Kamalamani offers a new and helpful way of becoming more fully who we are, together with a number of practical tools.


~ Nick Totton, Author of Body Psychotherapy: An Introduction

Kamalamani Kamalamani is an Embodied-Relational Therapist (a form of body-based psychotherapy), supervisor, facilitator and writer based in Bristol, En...
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