Living Jainism

Living Jainism

An Ethical Science

A radical new perspective on science rooted in intuitive awareness as much as deductive reasoning.


Living Jainism explores a system of thought that unites ethics with rational thought, in which each individual is his or her own guru and social conscience extends beyond human society to animals, plants and the whole of the natural world. The Jain Dharma is a humane and scientific spiritual pathway that has universal significance. With the re-emergence of India as a world power, Jain wisdom deserves to be better known so that it can play a creative role in global affairs. Living Jainism reveals the relevance of Jain teachings to scientific research and human society, as well as our journey towards understanding ourselves and our place in the universe.


A remarkably comprehensive explanation of the Jain philosophy of the interconnectedness of being and its significance for our approach to the environment drawing on the principles of interdependence and reverence for life. Truth is presented as not only one- but also many-sided, opening up interfaith dialogue and an attitude of non-violence relevant to the modern human predicament. The book encourages us to develop relationships based on co-operation, compassion and trust. Jainism is presented as a philosophy to rein in the materialistic and exploitative trends of modern life and overcome our sense of separation from Nature and each other. The book is also hopeful of human possibilities and presents an expanded view of perception and logic. Essential reading for anyone interested in the philosophy and implications of Jainism for our time. ~ David Lorimer, Scientific and Medical Network

Another profound and beautiful book from Aidan Rankin and his co-author. Their exquisite scholarship and love of Jainism emanates from every page; and brings the wisdom and modern day application of this ancient but highly relevant ecological spirituality to a modern readership. Their focus on "personal ecology" is timely, compelling and accessible. I cannot recommend this book more highly. ~ Rev Lynne Sedgmore CBE, CEO, 157 Group of FE Colleges

An outstanding book from two very talented scholars of Jain philosophy and wisdom. It tackles a very complex and important topic, demonstrating the vast depth of Jain science and metaphysics. ~ Dr Atul K. Shah, CEO, Diverse Ethics Ltd

Aidan Rankin
Aidan Rankin Aidan Rankin has an MA in Modern History from Pembroke College, Oxford and an MSc (Econ.) from the London School of Economics. His postgrad...
Kanti V. Mardia
Kanti V. Mardia Kanti V. Mardia is Senior Research Professor in Statistics at Leeds University. A native of Rajasthan, he has MSc degrees in Statistics and ...
Back to the Truth by Dennis Waite

Back to the Truth

Dennis Waite

Demysifies this ancient, non-dualist philosophy from India

Sivananda Buried Yoga by Yogi Manmoyanand

Sivananda Buried Yoga

Yogi Manmoyanand

Tantra Demystified by Vikas Malkani

Tantra Demystified

Vikas Malkani

explains how tantric techniques are not just for sexual peaks but also for spiritual bliss

Soul Illuminated, The by Judith Shepherd-Pemell

Soul Illuminated, The

Judith Shepherd-Pemell

The Soul Illuminated guides the reader gently into a compelling portrayal of the soul and the spiritual journey.

Who Loves Dies Well by David Brazier

Who Loves Dies Well

David Brazier

Meditation: Searching for the Real You by Dada Jyotirupananda

Meditation: Searching for the Real You

Dada Jyotirupananda

A practical, fun meditation guide for the experienced and for those who have never been there or done that.

Less Dust the More Trust, The by Adeline van Waning, MD PhD

Less Dust the More Trust, The

Adeline van Waning, MD PhD

The inside-story of a woman participating in frontline meditation research, exploring the interfaces of mind-practice, science and psychology

Way of Nothing, The by Paramananda Ishaya

Way of Nothing, The

Paramananda Ishaya

A fresh and lighthearted exploration of the amazing reality of nothingness.

Auspicious Good Fortune by Sumangali Morhall

Auspicious Good Fortune

Sumangali Morhall

One woman’s inspirational journey from Western disillusionment to Eastern spiritual fulfilment

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