Jain Path, The

Jain Path, The

Ancient Wisdom for the West


Jainism is Indias oldest spiritual tradition, and one of the worlds oldest religions. It is not well known in the West. But it embodies many of the ideas underlying current thinking on the interconnectedness of all living systems, the principle of non-violence and the need to live simply. It is perhaps the most demanding, rational and radical of all religions, attaching great importance to individual responsibility. Today we are questioning our own inherited values and also rediscovering ancient traditions. We are looking for continuity and balance-a "return to the centre." Understanding of Jain principles can point us towards the elusive "paradigm shift", giving spiritual and intellectual strength to a new global ethic of compassion and interdependence. Based around the individuals own spiritual journey and the choices he or she makes, Jainism, more than other spiritual tradition alive today, can bridge the gap between eastern and western patterns of thought.


A fascinating and very well written book. This is ideal for someone who wants to learn about Jainism, but is not seeking to become a Jain. It's a clear overview of what Jainism is and how it functions, that makes no effort at converting you, and actually offers little insight about how to practice. Highly recommended for anyone who takes intellectual itnerest in faiths, or who simply wishes to learn a bit about this one in particular. ~ Nimue Brown, Author on Goodreads

If you have ever wondered precisely what a 'Jain' is, this is the book for you! If you are interested in developing a peace loving and compassionate nature with a reverence for nature and a moderate and ecological approach to life, this is also the book for you! In just 240 pages, Aidan Rankin explores the beauty of the Jain Path and provides a good glossary into the bargain. This is a well written, immensely informative book. ~ Elizabeth Medler, New Vision

A very fine introduction to the Jain faith, and a reminder of the value of the wisdom traditions in our time. Pertinent, important, points to a truly sustainable future. ~ , Network Review

A masterpiece. ~ Dr Atul K Shah, Chief Executive Diverse Ethics Ltd

The Jain Path is the best introduction to Jainism available. It is at once very topical, clear and engaging. ~ David Frawley, (Pandit Vamdeva Shastri), Director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies

Jainism is one of the forgotten jewels of the world's faiths. Aidan Rankin introduces us to the essence of this spirituality in a book that is full of wisdom and intelligence. ~ William Bloom, Author of Soulution: The Holistic Manifesto and Director of The Holism Network

Aidan Rankin
Aidan Rankin Aidan Rankin has an MA in Modern History from Pembroke College, Oxford and an MSc (Econ.) from the London School of Economics. His postgrad...
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