Cup of Buddha, A

Cup of Buddha, A

A Blueprint to Truth

Taking the journey toward truth and peace in entertaining, simple language, beyond the abstract concepts typically found in eastern philosophy books.


Individuals are restless and unhappy. We search for the water to put out our fire of discontent, filling this space with self help books, food, new cars, relationships and more, all with short term satisfaction – but our fire still burns. We look outward, we look to others, yet the fire rages. A Cup of Buddha: A Blueprint to Truth addresses this fire within each of us, exploring the actual journey toward truth and inner peace in entertaining, simple language, and explaining eastern concepts in terms of western living. With this book comes the understanding that each moment in life is everything, and we alone ultimately make this choice toward happiness.


Thomas Craig speaks of the unknown in very pragmatic and understandable way in his book A Cup Of Buddha. He succeeds in bringing Buddhism into your everyday way of life. A wonderful read.

~ Lynn Andrews, Bestselling author of Medicine Woman

An honest and wide ranging account of a spiritual journey across the landscape of modern American consciousness that never fails to encourage the reader to embark on their own journey. Happy Trails!

~ Red Pine (Bill Porter), Author and translator of such books as The Heart Sutra, The Collected Songs of Cold Mountain and Zen Baggage

Few people have the courage to walk the edge into the unknown that becomes a catalyst for enhanced enlightenment. Thomas offers an intelligent, tangible look into what the world is in great need of at this time. Hats off to him, his life work and the birth of this treasure of a book, which I hope many will get to enjoy as much as I have. A Cup of Buddha is a must read for spiritual seekers. 

~ Rainbeau Mars, Author and creator of over 13 DVDs, books and programs on health, beauty and fitness

Thomas D Craig
Thomas D Craig Thomas D. Craig has been meditating and studying Eastern philosophy for over 20 years. After a successful career in business, Thomas dove h...
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