Book of Enlightenment

Book of Enlightenment

A unique manual of spiritual insight and revelation which takes the reader beyond accepted boundaries of non-duality and enlightenment.


A unique manual of spiritual insight and revelation which takes the reader beyond accepted boundaries of non-duality and enlightenment. Book of Enlightenment is a revolutionary compendium of spiritual knowledge addressed to those commencing their inner journey, as well as those who have already reached higher levels of spiritual realization. The purpose of this book is to reveal the multidimensional evolution of human potential. It is a book of spiritual guidance directed to uncompromising seekers of truth.

Anadi presents a living teaching which continues to evolve, with a wealth of material available that expands further on the foundations laid here.


As the introduction to the book notes, this is Anadi's most complete work to date. This book has it all. A complete map of awakening, pitfalls commonly encountered along the path, explanation of spiritual terms, description of various energetic states, and how to recognize and abide in those states, and finally the meaning of it all. Anadi has written 3 other books in the past - Enlightenment Beyond Traditions (jointly with Houman Emami), Transmission of Awakening, and The Human Buddha. While The present book, expands upon some of the topics covered in the Human Buddha and explains some of the concepts in even greater detail, Human Buddha need not be discarded. I have personally found Human Buddha to be quite approachable and relevant, primarily because it contains a huge wealth of question - answer sessions, in which Anadi answers all kinds of questions, with humor, compassion and patience. Combined with this book, it will be extremely useful to listen to the recordings of Anadi's discourses uploaded on his website. Armed with Anadi's teachings, one cannot fail on the quest for the Self. Indeed, coming in contact with Anadi's teachings is, in itself an act of grace. Read this book and be blessed with the light of I AM. May love be with you. ~ Douglas Noel Adams,

I have read alot of the spiritual books in the current marketplace and enjoyed them all but this book stands out in the way he works out in detail self-realization, its phenomenology, its implications, how to recognize what's going on and where to look within yourself for help and advice. It is not a direct pointing at the truth type of book or is it the psychology of self-realization, but a practical guide and far beyond the ordinary mental understanding of enlightenment. You can tell he knows what he is talking about and has worked things out in detail. There are no quotes from authorities, references to arcane traditions, its all fresh. It is a unique and helpful contribution to those interested in a genuine spiritual life. Highly recommended. ~ M. Scorelle ,

An erudite and loving spiritual teacher who has published seven books said at a recent Esalen workshop, "Never use the word 'enlightenment' in a book title because it kills book sales." I would hate to see this happen to Anadi's "Book of Enlightenment," because for those who are seekers, this book is a highly worthy read. My dear friend Sandra has spent much time with Anadi in meditation retreats in India and Israel, and it was she who introduced me to Anadi's work. I am the type of learner who benefits from being in the energetic environment created by a teacher. I learn osmotically, and written text is best as a supplement for me. However, I did receive much from reading Anadi's work, and I greatly enjoyed his consciousness, acute intelligence, and his writing style. Anadi takes great care to use language precisely, and to explain the meaning of his chosen words so that transmission is not lost. He seeks to create a cartography of the enlightenment process, creating a roadmap that describes guideposts and pitfalls along the way. He expresses a very intense sense of purpose in being a practitioner seeking his own enlightenment. He seems to not be looking for habitual followers, but for seekers who embrace their own unique individuality in the transcendence of ego along the path of evolving soul. What I love about this book is that Anadi insists upon maturity, perserverance and rigorous honesty with Self in terms of not using the spiritual search as another form of ego aggrandizement. This is in the same spirit as Chogyam Trungpa in the classic "Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism," and the more recent work by Robert Augustus Masters, "Spiritual Bypassing: When Spirituality Disconnects Us From What Really Matters." In my seeking, I have found that the unconscious can be a place of smoke and mirrors, and my seemingly best efforts can become sidetracked by unconscious needs. Nonetheless, I do perservere. While hiking with my friend Sandra in beautiful Big Sur where we live, I told her that I felt that in my own seeking, I am in the foothills still after an entire adult life of seeking progressively higher consciousness. Anadi is writing from the Himalayas, so in a way, for me the book is very much like a fascinating travelogue. I know more about Anadi's path to Self-Realization, but I have not yet been to these far away destinations. Nonetheless, I am intrigued and fortified by "Book of Enlightenment," and continue to use it for inspiration. ~ Steven D. Raymond,

In this book, anadi has refined and simplified the teaching from previous works(also very worth a read ) it is precise and helpful in navigating the sometimes complex realm of awakening and putting into perspective various other teachings on the subject. Blessings on your way.... ~ anam1,

'Spiritual Literature' in America seems to divide itself two major categories - First, the traditional religious offerings that provide a structure and system of practices that, for many along the path, are no longer sufficient. Second, the 'newage' offerings - that supposedly post-modern subgenre that is a mish-mash of self-help, pop psychology, and exoteric and esoteric bits and pieces from history's various religions. It is easy to get lost in the funhouse of newage. Year after year, you mine helpful nuggets here and there from title after title but never find a comprehensive and comprehendible spiritual teaching with set of practices. The 'Book Of Enlightenment' is rare and exceptional gift. It is a work toward a real Map of Awakening. It is spiritually brilliant and founded on direct experience and achievement. The writing is incredibly lucid with subtlety and depth. Anadi, explains each step of the way and each realm along the path with a clarity of concept and language that is exquisite. His work honors and extends the perennial wisdom, by retaining the spiritual truths at the core of all religion and casting away the distortions and misunderstandings, while advancing the current understanding of the process and state of enlightenment to the Divine. If you are genuinely interested in deepening your understanding of the 'inner state' and knowing the practices that lead to a complete Awakening then you will find the 'Book Of Enlightenment' a true companion. ~ DOC BARHAM,

Anadi is able to communicate at a higher level then any previous spiritual master and has clarified the different types of awakenings that occur (mind, heart and being) with precision. The author describes the qualities of the seeker, the role of the ego, the position of mankind's evolution in history and in the universe, and of course the path in tremendous detail. The path and seeking is described but no techniques. And the material will make more sense to you if you have put some effort in already. No matter how high he has ascended he remains profoundly human. He is not criptic like JK, or simplistic like Nisargadatta, or indirect like Sadhguru Vasudev, or lightweight like Gangaji, or distracting like Osho, and certainly not dogmatic like most of Buddhism. These masters are all titans in their own right ... but the clarity and comprehensiveness and humanity of this work is great. Perhaps it has been too much to hope to find a teacher who can explain the path to you directly, clearly, humanely, and with precision. Really too much to have hoped for to live in a time when such a clear stream of clarity has arisen; reading this you can be proud to be human. ~ S. Chandler,

Anadi Anadi’s life has been dedicated with uncompromising devotion to the completion of his spiritual path. Among other traditions he studied Ze...
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